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The CommUnity Summer Days is a two-day creative festival for young people, to be held on 26 and 27 June in Brussels, aiming to promote intercultural dialogue, diversity and peace through artistic and cultural expression.

Graffiti wall

Spray paint, gloves and a big empty wall… come and let your creativity take you away!


Local artists, international artists, choirs and bands…

Gastronomic Fair

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Come and try dishes and snacks from different EU countries!


Passionate about water marbling, photography, film-making, or graffiti? Join a master class with one of our creative experts!

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Socially distanced Karaoke

Sing your heart out with your friends to a golden oldie or a guilty pleasure!

Short Movies

Lean back and check out the brand-new short indie movies.

Painting, photography and (digital graffiti) exhibitions

Wander around and check out the art pieces from young Europeans from France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Photobooth &

Instagram corners

Pose, smile, CLICK! Take your picture at the photobooth and Instagram corners and share online!

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How to get tickets

You can get your tickets here

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Be aware that you´re attending an event in which pictures and audiovisual material can be taken. By attending this event you agree that these materials can be used on the websites and Social Media accounts of the partners as well as for other purposes related to the CommUnity project. 

Sachez que vous participez à un événement au cours duquel des photos et du matériel audiovisuel peuvent être pris. En participant à cet événement, vous acceptez que ce matériel puisse être utilisé sur les sites web et les comptes de médias sociaux des partenaires ainsi qu'à d'autres fins liées au projet CommUnity.

This is an alcohol-free festival. Alcohol consumption is not allowed on the premises.

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